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@saimriyaz • 17 Jun, 2011
I just want to know that in which case i will get good salary package?

Case 1. I did M Tech. from IIT and I m a fresher and got placed in a good MNC company at a post of Sr. Design Engineer In automobile company.

Case 2. I did MS after cracking GRE from Good college of UK and I m a fresher. And got Same post as mentioned in above case.

Pls reply if anyone know!!!!!!!!!!

@ISHAN TOPRE • 17 Jun, 2011 Well it depends as to which company you apply after your PG. I believe that it is same in both cases, though people prefer GRE route because it is a bit easy. 😀
@Saandeep Sreerambatla • 17 Jun, 2011 If salary is your concern then do this,

Join a MNC now instead of studying for 2 years more or less you get the same salary after Mtech which you get with 2 years of experience.
@*pushkar* • 17 Jun, 2011 Go for GRE or mba from IIM. You will get good salary from both the way. Mtech is not much good as per salary....
@saimriyaz • 18 Jun, 2011 @ENGLISH-SCARED-- Bro actually after doing Btech degree if i got placed in any company i'll get same package as of starting as fresher in M tech.
But after some time the job will get saturated like 5-7 yrs, after it there is no increase in my salary. And If i start working after doing M tech then i can reach the higher position
in hierarchy. Thats why i m not gonna doing job after B tech .
@saimriyaz • 18 Jun, 2011 @*pushkar* And if i get placed abroad through M tech. Then I think i can get a good package.
@Karshil Sheth • 26 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

salary is based on the your performance. I can calculate the formula of salary as:-

salary= Total Performance in hours/ total number of days

. So if you worked really hard within less time, then I guess may be salary will be more. But this assumption which I have thought and calculate the formula.

After MS or chances of getting higher package are more as the organization feel that you have something different and specialized knowledge in that domain which others might not. So they higher you on that basis and the salary range might be 8-10 lpa depends on your interview. 


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