Sable Complete All-in-one Ubuntu Linux Pre-installed PC Released By System76.

System76, the computer manufacturer well-known and highly appreciated for their support of opensource software has released new Sable Complete All-in-one PC with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed. The U.S based company, in last few months has already released several models of Laptops & Desktop-PCs based on latest fourth generation 'Haswell' Intel core processors & with other hardware which is capable of offering best possible support to Ubuntu.

The new Sable Complete All-in-one PC comes with aluminium trimmed design 21.5" LED backlit display screen with 1080p Full HD support.It will be shipped with memory size upto 16GB dual-channel DDR3 @1600 MHz & quad-core 4th generation 'Haswell' Intel core i5 & i7 processors with integrated Intel graphics card HD4600, which supports all the games currently available in Steam. The new Sable is being shipped with operating system hard drive configurable upto 480GB mSATA SSD & additional storage upto 960GB SSD. It also includes integrated 1.3 Megapixel bezel webcam,a microphone & speakers. Left side of the monitor-screen have embedded ports for USB 2.0(2x), SD card reader, Microphone In & Headphone out, while in Right side of the screen you'll find three round silver color Power up, Brightness up & Brightness down buttons.

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(Sable Complete All-in-one PC closeups)
System76 also offers other peripherals like Logitech wireless adjustable backlit Keyboard, mice, Dual-band wireless card, additional monitor, optical drive, storage & Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks III speakers alongwith the system with additional cost included, which you can add or remove while purchasing.

You can purchase Sable Complete from portal System76 at price starting from $839 (INR 52,588) to maximum of $3,475 (INR 2,17,813) depending on the configuration & additional hardware you purchase with the Sable Complete desktop PC.

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