Rupert Sweet-Escott's Innovation - Bringing Wind Power To Roof Top

It so happens that we need uninterrupted power supply for some time and it is cut off! So what we do in that case? We simply wait, nothing more. But Rupert does not! Rupert Sweet-Escott, has invented a wind turbine which you can easily mount on your roof top.


The conventional wind turbines you must know are quite bulky ones. The blades rotate around a horizontal axis with which is mounted on a very long pole. Actually there are not one, but many. Such places are called wind farms. There are special places for developing these farms. The primary requirement is wind, it should flow regularly at a required pace. Moreover, they make very loud noise.  To solve these problems, Rupert accidently, thought about making something which can be fitted right on our roof tops.

He aimed at eliminating all these problems. He also wanted to make these devices reliable. Eventually, a design which he finally thought ‘suitable’ was a turbine rotating about a vertical axis. Taking into account, he settled with two sizes 60cm and 100cm. The design which he actually settled for resembles a cylinder.  According to Rupert, the horizontal axis designs actually a very efficient, economical and reliable only for large wind farms. For small scale applications like this one however, the vertical axis is good. And more what, it does not even need much of a maintenance. The smaller one of the two comes for £750 while the larger one costs £1,865. Pretty costly though, but it is just a onetime investment. It will pay you rich dividends in terms of saving your electricity bills.

Now, how much does it make? On an average, it would provide with half of your domestic consumption. If you install a smaller one, it can produce power equivalent to 5Kw while the larger one is twice of that.

Well, this are not the only which Rupert Sweet-Escott has ever invented. Rupert is a hardcore and serial inventor. Recently, he got 'Inventor of the year 2011' award. Prior to this, when he was still a teenager, He started designing components for gadgets like hand gliders. Rupert aims to maximize human capabilities and overcome his limitations.  This wind turbine which he has constructed aims at a commercial production. It is going to be one of the best selling energy solutions, if not a ground breaking innovation.

Innovations in power sectors are the need of hour. We need to be greener with still greener technology. With global warming fast becoming a problem, what else can we think of? With innovations in energy sources, like Solar, tidal etc, it is an attempt to bring the power of wind to the door step of common man. But this latest innovation of Rupert has brought it to our roofs at least. I am of the belief that more of such simple or difficult should be done. We should not be afraid of failure and keep on continuing with ideas. This is what having a “human brain” all about.

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