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jayeshshinai • May 17, 2008

royal enfield 350 modification

im buying an enfield 350 bullet in d next month (yeah aftr my xams)....
m gonna modify it n have already designed a fuel tank,handle bar, optional sissy bar n longer front forks....thts only in paper as of yet.
im plannin to make a model of d tank in paper or cardboard,before settling in for the real thing(temme if i can use any other material for modelling it)...
not really into the "increasing power" of the bike thingi....only the aesthetics of it.probably will use my college workshop for welding n grinding n drilling purposes.

suggest me other changes tht i could use...
im not able to find any dealers in india having longer forks for bike, ordering online screws up my it possible to weld normal sized front forks n make them longer. or will the heat affect the oil inside? maybe a professional welder could do it for me...
couldnt find much help online regarding how to modify bikes or build a new tank et help😁
raj87verma88 • May 17, 2008
Congratulations! Who told you that long forks and suspensions are not available in India? Look for them and you will find them. I have given some suggestions on an earlier thread on bike modification in Mechanical Section. I only gave some ideas. Read them, it will give you a little idea. Show the design that you have made and then I can give more suggestions.

I have modified bullet's look 4 times since the last 3 years.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 17, 2008

I have modified bullet's look 4 times since the last 3 years.
We are waiting for the pictures! 😀
gohm • May 23, 2008
I would suggest clay or styrene for tank model as you can shave those to shape. Welding forks is a very bad idea, I'd avoid that (plus you would not weld with the fork oil in the forks nor the springs/spacers/seals). Plus it will also alter the rake & trail which could make the bike unstable or handle badly. Use forks from another bike that can be adapted to the bullet.

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