Rotor angle change in alternators

when will the rotor angle change in large alternators???


  • zaveri
    Can you elaborate please ?
  • Akhilesh Kumar Nair
    Akhilesh Kumar Nair
    when will the rotor angle change in large alternators???
    It changes when there is a change in load or fluctuation or any type of fault.

    I will try to explain in following condition.

    Consider a synchronous generator is running at some load and running to a speed corresponding to it.

    Now there is some change in electrical loading and due to that there will be corresponding change required in speed. This condition rotor will make different angle with reference according to nullify the fluctuation occurred and make it again to study state.

    In this situation there will be change in rotor angle.

    For more clarity you can check swing equation and swing curves.
  • Dhayalan.S
    thank you sir

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