@sumit_goel • 16 Aug, 2010
hello friends,
I have another problem that is how to rotate the line at 90 degree from the origin.
for example, i have a line x,y

x.......................... y
and now i want to rotate this line at 90 degree as shown bellow


rotation at 90 degree

Pls help me in solving this problem
@gaurav.bhorkar • 17 Aug, 2010 Can you post the code you've tried so far?

Here's my suggestion,
Fix one end of the line and then change the coordinates of the other end appropriately.
@optimystix • 17 Aug, 2010 what is the problem ? just substitute the corresponding values for 90 degree in the rotational transformation matrix and solve it.
where are u facing the problem ? share with us so that we can help.
@Manish Goyal • 17 Aug, 2010 Try bresenham algorithm
change the coordinates of line accordingly
@sumit_goel • 18 Aug, 2010 Hello friends
first of all i would like to thanks to all for giving response to my problem. Actually i made a table fan in c++ and i want to rotate the fan. but for this first of all i should know how to rotate the line. then i can proceed to make rotation of fan.In the above problem i simply want to ask how to rotate the line at 90 degree.I am beginner of graphics programs in c++. and also Can anyone tell me from which site i can learn simple graphics programs in c++.
@Manish Goyal • 18 Aug, 2010 Try this program but i have not execute this .
It will draw a line
Now for rotating it change its co-ordinates accordingly
#include  <graphics.h>
#include  <math.h>
#include <conio.h>

void main(void)
    int   driver = DETECT,mode;
    int   x=180,y=180;


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