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Role of vehicle maintenance in automobile sector

As we all know , to run a vehicle in a good condition over a long life time requires a good maintenance but how far it is possible to regularly maintain the vehicle.As a automobile engineering student we study the procedure,requirement and benefits of vehicle maintenamce.I want to know the how much awareness did people have over the vehicle maintenance?
How the people were cheated by service stores ?
What are the expectarion of people to satisfy their quality needs?
Do you have any bitter experience in service shop?
share your thoughts.....
Jeffrey Arulraj
Jeffrey Arulraj • Aug 13, 2013
Most people lack the habit of reading the manual which gives us all the ideas and necessary tips to remove the common errors while maintanance of any machine

However the service station pry on their customers as sources of money and really torment them with too many limitations and stipulations Man and they are really a lot pricier now a days
durga ch
durga ch • Aug 13, 2013
seems like an 'exprience' related topic, and not related to technical know-how. moving to chillax section

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