• adil.eshack


    MemberMar 12, 2008

    Robotics Help

    Greeting Fellow Crazy Engineers,

    Myself Adil from Kerala,Indial.Final year mechanical engineering student. Myself and 4 others have ventured to do a robotics project

    The concept is simple fix a wireless camera to the robot which gives a live feed to a java program and to control the robot movement using the keyboard.

    We intend to make a robot around 760mm high and 40mm in dia.Its in the form of a cylinder.It weighs around 3 kg. its a three wheeled robot wid seperate drives to the back two wheels and a free to rotate front wheel.Rotation of robot is controlled by rotating the back two wheels at different speeds

    THE PROBLEM : could u please suggest what type of motor to use. We used small DC motors in our small projects. But given its weight wat motor i should use. Also please suggest a way in which i can connect the motor to the wheels so that load is less on motor shaft.
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