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@raj87verma88 • 08 Jul, 2009
I checked this cool site where they convert your name into some sort of Robotic Acronym.
Check these out, I typed in the names of some CEans.
@raj87verma88 • 08 Jul, 2009 M.A.Y.U.R.: Mechanical Artificial Yelling and Utility Replicant

K.A.U.S.T.U.B.H.: Kinetic Artificial Unit Skilled in Thorough Utility and Basic Harm

J.O.H.N.: Juggernaut Optimized for Hazardous Nullification

D.U.R.G.A.: Digital Unit Responsible for Galactic Assassination
@raj87verma88 • 08 Jul, 2009 A.S.H.R.A.F.: Artificial Synthetic Humanoid Responsible for Accurate Fighting

S.H.A.L.I.N.I.: Synthetic Humanoid Assembled for Logical Infiltration and Nocturnal Investigation

K.A.S.H.I.S.H.: Kinetic Artificial Soldier Hardwired for Immediate Sabotage and Harm

S.A.A.N.D.E.E.P.: Synthetic Artificial Android Normally for Dangerous Exploration and Efficient Peacekeeping

@raj87verma88 • 08 Jul, 2009 S.M.I.T.A.: Synthetic Mechanical Immediate Troubleshooting Android (She made logos for me)

M.A.Y.A.: Mechanical Artificial Yelling Android (That is Black Rose for you)

A.N.I.L.: Artificial Networked Infiltration Lifeform (CB)

H.A.R.S.H.A.D.: Handcrafted Artificial Replicant Skilled in Hazardous Assassination and Destruction (godfather)
@raj87verma88 • 08 Jul, 2009 My own now :-

P.R.A.T.E.E.K.: Positronic Robotic Android Trained for Efficient Exploration and Killing

Thats enough spamming for a day.
@silverscorpion • 08 Jul, 2009 Seems cool!!
Could you give the link to that website?? 😀
@Harshad Italiya • 09 Jul, 2009 Very interesting Raj!!
@shalini_goel14 • 09 Jul, 2009
I checked this cool site
Where is the site link man, we cannot see it ? And why such partiality with names of few CEans?

Seems cool!!
Could you give the link to that website?? 😀
Scorpion, yours is already made by someone

R.A.M. = Random Access Memory

but if you would go through Mr Raj's Robotic Acronyms, I guess it would be

R.A.M. = Robotic Android/Assembled/Artificial Mechanic

-Never Mind ok 😉
@raj87verma88 • 09 Jul, 2009
Where is the site link man, we cannot see it ? And why such partiality with names of few CEans?
I never mentioned the link of the site i.e. why no one can see it. I will if people are interested.
Just mention some more names and I will post their full forms.
@raj87verma88 • 09 Jul, 2009 Here is the site link

The Cyborg Name Decoder -- Name Generator and Avatar Creator
@raj87verma88 • 09 Jul, 2009 R.A.M.K.U.M.A.R.: Robotic Artificial Machine Keen on Ultimate Mathematics and Accurate Repair

J.A.T.I.N.: Journeying Artificial Troubleshooting and Infiltration Neohuman

post more names and I will post the robotic names.....
@Harshad Italiya • 09 Jul, 2009 @Raj:

Thanks for the Link..

Post for RajdeepCE, Pradeep 😉
@raj87verma88 • 09 Jul, 2009 R.A.J.D.E.E.P.: Robotic Artificial Juggernaut Designed for Exploration and Efficient Peacekeeping

P.R.A.D.E.E.P.: Positronic Robotic Android Designed for Efficient Exploration and Peacekeeping
@RajdeepCE • 09 Jul, 2009 Looks like I & Pradeep are different kind of D.E.E.P robots. 😁
@ms_cs • 09 Jul, 2009 very interesting..
@poonam sonawane • 09 Jul, 2009 will u plz mention the link of site, i am interested to find out
@cranky • 09 Jul, 2009 cranky :Cybernetic Robotic Android Normally for Killing and Yelling😁

Watch out
@raj87verma88 • 09 Jul, 2009 There were some more names in the same site, just click on the banner link in the RHS of the page.:-

P.R.A.T.E.E.K.: Poisonous, Ravenous, Anthropologist-Torturing, Explorer-Eating Killer

P.R.A.T.E.E.K.: Playful Romantic Adonis Tirelessly Exchanging Erotic Kisses
@silverscorpion • 09 Jul, 2009 How does it do this? Any idea?

Is it some simple database, and the words are combined based on the letters of the input name?
Or is there some more complex algorithm baking it?? Anyway, this is cool!!

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