Robot Safety Standard and Robot Risk Assessment Training Seminar at Orlando, Florida on Jan 18, 2012

Robot Safety Standard and Robot Risk Assessment Training Seminar is organized by Robotics Industries Association.

RIA opens its popular In-house Training seminar to public. This one day robot safety seminar means less training time in a cost effective one day course format useful for training limited number of workers.

AM Session:

Seminar looks towards the requirements as anticipated in the new R15.06 Robot Safety Standard document as contained in the new ISO 10218 standards. Students will receive a very thorough introduction to all of the essential information contained in the ANSI/RIA R15.06 Robot Safety Standard. They will learn the basic safety guidelines for robotic applications, identify key elements of the robot safety standard and apply provisions of the standard in daily operations.

PM Session: Robot Risk Assessment

Students attending this seminar will be guided through each stage of a risk assessment as called out in the ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 Robot Safety Standard. They will learn to: Identify necessary tasks, identify possible hazards, determine risk reduction requirements, reason possible solutions to reduce risk, validate proposed solutions and document the risk assessment.

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