Robot for power-line monitoring

Skysweeper is your power-line monitoring robot that scouts for faults on the power lines. The robot's been developed by engineers at the University Of California. The production version of this robot would comprise of cameras, sensors and communication systems to relay real time data, information and analysis to the ground crew.



  • ogundele kehinde samuel
    ogundele kehinde samuel
    Please, explain more about the working principle.
  • lal
    I was wondering how many of these will be required if ever used with very long distance transmission lines. At the same time, the existing methods seem to be quite good enough to find faults and save the powersystem from the consequences of the same.

    The advantages I find relevant are that, any kind of mechanical faults in the line like cracks or breakage of strands could be detected which is otherwise impossible and could help detect power theft to a great extent.

    As of my view, I don't find it a very awesome something. But usable indeed.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    @#-Link-Snipped-# - These robots would allow for physical examination of the power lines; which I believe isn't possible with current systems. You can equip the bot with a camera and it will relay all the latest shots/videos to the inspection team. Each bot can be given a distance between two towers. I think the cost of installing and operating such robots shouldn't be very high.
  • lal
    Long distance Power lines are installed for an operation of many years. These bots should be capable of delivering that long life too I think. Because, it shouldn't be an easy task to replace them frequently. And, mechanical faults should be very rare for long distance transmission lines. In case a line breaks, it will either cause a line to earth fault or will cause the powersystem to be unbalanced which can help shut down the supply. The only advantage with the bot in that case would be to pin-point the exact location of where the breakage happened which otherwise is a time consuming task if the breakage happened in remote areas. Well, that is what I think.

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