Robo Soccer

hi CEans... I m new in CE..
I need help from u all... i m doing my final yr project in robo-socccer...
it wil b basically a game type project....
i m planning the project to do wid AI... i mean the bot wil itself add strategies for it as it goes on playing against a human... can u please suggest me some algorithms which wil b useful for me for automatically adding strategies n searching den out while playing...
pleasw guys help me in this case... if u can give me contact of d person who has already done something like dis, it wil b very much useful for me..
please rply fast.. its urgent...
thnx in advance..


  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Interesting idea!

    When you say "game" type, you mean its a computer simulation? Will you be coding the actual game yourself or use a pre-existing game and modify the AI?

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