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priya mandole
priya mandole • Jan 14, 2008

Right suggestion for exams

hello fri'ds
plz tell me, what i should do?
im in TE now,& i want 2 give GATE as well as UPSE EXAM IN ENGINEERING SERVICES in next year only so would you think, is it possible 2 prepare for both this exam & also final yr, studies? if yes how i should go for it๐Ÿ˜•
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 14, 2008

I'd recommend that you should focus on one of the exams. Do a thorough study of the competition, amount of effort required & if it would be possible for you to dedicate sufficient time every day.

There are lot of students who prepare for GATE in third & final year of engineering. Get in touch with your seniors who have prepared for GATE & UPSE go get a clear idea of what is expected out of candidates who prepare for these exams.

All said & done, both the exams lead you to different career tracks. So have you decided which career track you want to follow? If not, do that first. This is the most important step.
ratnotech • Jan 1, 2009
4 u.

hi priya.
ratnesh here. even i am gonna writ gate tis yr though i am in pre final yr.
bout ur column ill suggest u to better read (urself). UPSC is a knee wrenchin goal.
u should choose ur goal by ur interest nt by class..
gotta go..
all the
oops i 4got... HAPPY NU YR...
nileshchakkar • Jan 1, 2009
Your approach is very good but you cant goes for both exams simultaneously. As per GATE is concern if you work hard definately you will get success. So i think prefer for GATE first.
As per UPSC is concern its a toughest exam in our country which i ever seen. Its require a lots of preparation and as we are studying now so we cant focus on it as we unable to give so much time for it .

So better way try GATE first and think of UPSC after ur BE .

Thats all .
GATE syllabus is mostly dependent on your college curriculam and its objective type test,were as,UPSC exams also require theory preparations,since you have age on your side as u can gice IES upto 30yrs of age you can try for it even after your BE,as everyonr suggect go for one examination at a time now you sholuld prepare for GATE

You have multiple career options in front of you, the top 4 according to me are -

1. Government Job

2. Private sector Job- Corporate/startup job

3. Research Job - PhD

4. Startup - Building your own/family business

The 5th option would be to pursue higher studies aboard or in India.

As you are currently in the final year, you can think of preparing for civil services exam.Usually, it takes about 2 years of preparation to crack UPSC or any other government job exam. So begin early on.

Or you can choose a private sector job for now and in parallel prepare for either of the remaining 3 options if that happens to be your long-term goal.

You need to set your goals early on as to what kind of life you are aiming for in the long-term

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