REVIEW on Electronics and Communication Engineering Books

REVIEW on Electronics and Communication Engineering Books


  • mr_perfect_2011
    Hi friends. I gonna discuss on various books of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
    Firstly, for me communication is liking subject.

    The Communication systems by Simon haykin is one of the best standard book.
    Proakis book is also good one.

    What is your opinion on ECE books?
    Which one is good to read?
    Which one is good to get knowledge?

    And one more thing i wanna share with you is, Many of the students are preferring Local author books, which are not standard books. Of course majority of us are not English medium students, so obviously the can prefer the local author books, in the beginning it is fine. But later getting some experience, it is better to read the standard books.
    What is your opion on this?
    Give your valuable thoughts on this?
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
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  • srimugan
    yes ,you are absolutely right.Most of the students are not english medium.In present local author books are acceptable but in future ?I think students are preferred local authors only.Because it easy to study but foreign author books are most important in now-a-days.
  • andenagaveni24
    hai friends,
    proakis is very good for communications....most of the questions in GATE regarding communications( analog communications, digital communications, digital signal processing, signals and systems, probability theory and stochastic process) are taken directly from this book only..i am sure if you study this book , you can hit GATE easily......
  • Saijayadeep
    perfect.. i agree with u...but what i feel is if you can understand the concept very well and can answer any sort of question in the topic which you have read in any manner...local or foreign that does not matter much....and one more advantage of foreign authors is the matter in it is written in practical point of view (ofcourse that too only a few books.....)what do you say my friends...

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