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ShrinkDWorld • May 24, 2009

Reuse of old bike

Hi CE😛
In this thread we talk about reuse of bik or its componant. Evey year so many bike are going in trush or it will take a corner of your garege.
Though you buy latest bike after 6 or 7 year you shall boare due to its look or latest application in new bike.
So as we have such lots of 2nd hand,3rd hand bikes Can we use it in other application?? What you think ?

For a starting take my example =>
I have a 15 years old Hero Honda's CD 100 bike. It is in runing condion. It's avarage becomes 1\3 rd of its orignal avarage.
Now shear your ideas to how can we use it in amy application? You can Talk about a specific part also....
Convert it to a solar powered bike prototype!
ShrinkDWorld • May 25, 2009
Thanks for reply ash.
but can you expain why?
krishthd • May 25, 2009
can we use its engine as a generator of current wich ca be used for household
ShrinkDWorld • May 25, 2009
can we use its engine as a generator of current wich ca be used for household
Idea is good but can any one give what quantity of electricty we can produce from 100 cc engine?
Why? well, you still have a working bike platform. Now all it needs is an alternative source of power generation 😀 Check this link out:

ShrinkDWorld • May 26, 2009
to ash=>>
I want to to imagine usefullness of that genreater
Thanks for you information regarding that solar scooter
ShrinkDWorld • May 26, 2009
There are many parts in bike which has steel like coating. Due to carrogen it will become dark. And its shaining become damage
Can you tell in trick or method to increase it look??
ShrinkDWorld • Jun 5, 2009
No one undertand the importance of my above question. If we get trick to improve look of metal part which have already carogen. It will save lots of energy which is used to required to genaret that metal part. So it will gratly affect on Polution.

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