ReSound LiNX - A Smart 'Made for iPhone' Hearing Aid That Doubles Up As Earphones

GN ReSound has launched a new smart hearing aid called the 'ReSound LiNX' - a one of a kind device made for iPhone iPad and iPod touch. The device implements the surround sound technology to deliver good-quality sound and has the ability to stream audio from the iOS devices over Bluetooth. Removing the need for any kind of accessory such as a remote control or a pendant, the ReSound LiNX hearing aid works on the 3rd generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology based on the all new SmartRange chipset. The company claims that their device is powerful enough to resolve 90% of all hearing loss problems.

Being proudly called the smallest wireless Receiver-in-the-Ear hearing aid, the device brings in a host of smart features for the ones will hearing impairment. Users will be able to listen directly to songs, background music in games, ringtones on receiving calls, Apple FaceTime conversations - in short any kind of audio directly from the iOS device. GN Sound CEO, Lars Viksmoen wants their company to improve people’s lives through use of innovative technology and this device is just one step in the direction.


The device works by coupling itself to the ReSound Smart App - available now #-Link-Snipped-#. The app features facility to set preferred volume levels as well as treble/bass settings. Users can access geo-tagging to assign and adjust to the acoustics of frequently visited places like home, work, favorite restaurants and more - a feature that will be of great help to the elderly people. And if your old guy or grandmother has a habit of forgetfulness, a function called ‘Find My Hearing Aid’ that pinpoints the hearing aids if misplaced, might come in handy.


Winner of the CES 2014 Design and Engineering Award, the ReSound LiNX device is going to be made available to consumers through a global network of hearing care professionals. Those interested in owning this device can sign-up on the official website [link at the end]. The company hasn't revealed a final release date information on the price as of now. But, the folks have put together a nice video to explain the possibilities that come by using ReSound LiNX hearing aid. Check it out here -

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