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Pensu • Jan 30, 2013

Researchers At University Of Cambridge Create The First Ever 3D Microchip

We have had 3D movies, 3D TVs and the latest - 3D printers. Now, researchers at University of Cambridge have developed the first ever 3D microchip, that will allow the information to travel in three dimensions.
Current microchips are able to pass the information in a very limited way, either left to right or back to front. The new chip is able to pass the digital data across several layers. The scientists have used a special type of microchip known as spintronic chip that uses the electron's spin instead of charge. Using a technology named “sputtering”, scientists sandwiched cobalt, platinum and ruthenium on a silicon chip. The ruthenium acts as a messenger while cobalt and platinum store the data. After that, using a laser technique MOKE, they tested the data content on the chip. This confirmed the flow of data from bottom to the top of the chip.
According to professor Russell Cowburn, lead researcher of the study, each step on their spintronic staircase is only a few atoms high. The scientists further plan to use a series of electronic transistors to move data in this fashion.
via eurekalert

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