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09 May 2019

Requirements to get placed in automotive industry?

I am in  BTech 3rd year right now and I want to get a job in the automotive industry . What are the requirements for this ? 

What kind of jobs are available in this industry?

10 May 2019

Welcome to CrazyEngineers, @SANDEEP LINGAM CHOWDARY . It's good that you are concerned about your career at the right point in your life. 

Automotive industry offers variety of jobs. The following list isn't comprehensive, but it should give you an overall idea of the kind of jobs available.

Automotive Design Engineer

Responsible for designing automobiles, locomotives and their components. Mostly absorbed by the manufacturing industries.

Automotive Researcher

Responsible for researching various parts, units, instruments, design of next generation of automobiles.

Performance Engineer

Responsible for optimizing the performance of the locomotives - all kinds. It's a research and development oriented profile. 

Prototyping Engineer

Responsible for developing the prototypes of the new generation of vehicles and locomotives needed by the automotive industry. 

Supply-Chain Manager

It's a non-technical job; but requires technical know-how of the automotive industry. Responsible for maintaining the supply chain in the automotive industry. 

Quality Assurance Engineer

They are responsible for maintaining the quality of the production vehicles. Should be able to report potential failures before the design and the development is finalized. 

How to get a job in Automotive Industry?

My first recommendation for you will be to ensure that you get good grades in your engineering exams; so that you qualify for the recruitment drives or campus drives conducted by these companies. 

Second - opt for a certification in any Mechanical Design software. There are plenty of them and I'm sure you'll know which ones are in high demand these days. These should be enough for you to get an entry-level job in the automobile industry. 

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