reply soon..

I am a student of 4th year..
my academics:
10th: 69%
12th: 69% 65% upto 6th sem..but having a back in electrical subject of first year till now..since this subject is not of my field will it going to effect in any company..😔
please reply as soon as possible..😀


  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    There are Reasons for success but failures have no reasons they are excuses. "I could not because..." has no taker. As an engineer you are expected to clear the subjects. The electrical subject in B.E is just an extension of 12th Physics. So do put your hard work to get it cleared soon. a Back log is a Backlog . The sooner that is wiped off, the better it is. If you find it difficult, put an extra effort. The affect of a backlog varies from company to company and many companies just dont like it! Dont be scared. Just clear it.

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