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@Ankita Katdare • 23 Aug, 2012 • 2 likes
Renewable is not only the need of the hour, but also the talk of the town. And Engineering students are opting for the green when it comes to their B.E./B.Tech project. So, we thought of compiling ia list of project ideas based on Renewable energy. Students belonging to third year or final year can use these projects as mini-projects as well as mega-projects.
This list has been complied after referring to the project ideas that have come across the forum since last few years and searching across the web.

If you have questions regarding these projects feel free to ask them in the replies below. You may also ask for abstract of a project idea that you have or want to work on.

Here are the details about some -
1. Tornado-based Power Plant : If the energy of a tornado could somehow be sustained and harnessed, it could be used as an effective renewable source of energy. Something on the lines of what is being worked out in this project: Atmospheric Vortex Engine
2. Using Kites For Energy : Saul Griffith unveils the invention that his new company Makani Power has been working on: giant kite turbines that create surprising amounts of clean, renewable energy. Check -

3. Solar Satellites have the advantage of being above the weather conditions, and would be able to harvest electricity from the sun 24 hours per day. Below is a TED presentation about the technology by one of the first companies looking at this technology, Space Energy Inc. -

4. Inflatable Solar Collectors
Solar cells, mirrors, and rigging equipment are expensive and reduce the value of solar technology as a viable alternative energy solution. Below is a video of the Video of Cool Earth’s technology that solves these problems.
@Ankita Katdare • 23 Aug, 2012 • 1 like Solar Powered Mobile Charger -
With power-hungry smartphones becoming a norm, solar-cell based phone chargers are getting more popular but many are still often a little pricey. To build one of your own, you need -
Solar Cell, Project Box, 12VDC Car Power Outlet Socket and an adhesive of choice.
Instructables here has a step-by-step guide for you :
But you can always find better ways of developing things. So, find new ideas. 😀

Solar Powered Refrigerator -
You can build it in one of the following four ways:
1. Solar Cells Only.
2. Thermoelectric solid-state refrigerator powered by solar photovoltaic electricity - Using the Peltier effect to create a heat flux between the junction of two different types of materials.
3. Absorption refrigerator in which the boiler heat is generated from concentrated sunlight.
4. Stirling engine refrigerator in which the compressor is mechanically driven by a Stirling engine - When we heat gas using sun light, gas would expand and push the piston forward. We can use this method to power compressor of refrigerator.
@Ankita Katdare • 23 Aug, 2012 An Advanced Geothermal System -

This is the kind of energy that is discussed more often than implemented. And no one questions its potential. The scientists do not hesitate to say that if harnessed properly, it could be the single most effective solution to the world’s energy needs.
But very few know that the Web-Giant Google is also busy in privately funding its research and development. They are working on it for years now. Their system works by drilling a well several kilometers deep into the earth’s crust. Water is then injected into the well where it fractures the deep rocks, creating pockets from which steam is generated as additional water is pumped into the well.

The steam is then extracted through pipes where it turns turbines to create electricity. The water is then recycled back into the well where it is reheated and reused. The video below provides additional details on this exciting new technology.

The company calls it EGS or Enhanced Geothermal System:

Learn about the great potential for EGS with this video from google -

An animation of the 50 MW Habanero EGS system, under development in Australia's Cooper Basin -
@Ankita Katdare • 23 Aug, 2012 • 2 likes Generate Electricity from Dance Floor or Gym Equipment -

Something on the lines of what these people have done here -

You can read about who else has implemented this idea here:
and here:

Generate Electricity From Waste Water -

Microbial Fuel Cells are the key here. Lars Angenent, Ph.D. has devloped a microbial fuel cell that uses waste water to create electricity. Angenent discusses his research and how a grant from the National Science Foundation is helping him spread his research to high school students -
@srikar36 • 18 Sep, 2014 How to build a renewable energy based transportation for physicallly challenged people
@Ankita Katdare • 18 Sep, 2014
How to build a renewable energy based transportation for physicallly challenged people
What are your ideas on this project? Describe in detail so that fellow engineers can help you proceed wherever you are stuck. No spoon feeding around here.
@srikar36 • 18 Sep, 2014 It is a just a thought. I am doing my final year in eee. I don't have any ideas regarding this. One of my friends suggested this website. So i jus asked
  • Solar Powered Water Pump
@Swapnil Suman • 02 Jun, 2015 Renewable Energy Storage Methods | Energy Storage Requirements

Storing the Energy is an essential requirement for all facets of our life and it has been recognized as a basic human need. It is the key to accelerating economic growth, generation of employment, elimination of poverty and growth of human development especially in rural areas. In contrast to fossil fuel and nuclear-fuel based energy, the initial input power of a renewable energy source is outside our control. The use of renewable energy supplies constitutes a diversion of a continuing natural flow of energy; there are problems in matching supply and demand In a given time domain, i.e., matching the rate at which energy is used. The mismatch varies with time on scales of months {e.g.. house heating in temperate climates}, days (e.g., artificial lighting) and even seconds (e.g., starting motors).

The means of storing energy in a readily recoverable form when the supply exceeds the demand for use at other times is known as energy storage. Storage of primary fuels (e.g., coal, oil and gas) is also a form of energy storage, but the term ‘energy storage’ generally applies to secondary energy rather than to primary energy.

The performance of various energy-storage mechanisms can be measured and compared in (i) MJS (ii) MJm3 (iii) MJKg -1. The first is a very important and deciding factor but is difficult to estimate. The second is important where space is a prime consideration (e.g., indoor applications). The third is considered when weight is vital (e.g., in aircrafts).


1. The effective utilization of intermittent and variable energy sources such as sunlight, wind, etc. often requires energy storage

2. In some circumstances, electrical energy may be generated ether on land or at sea, at a location that is too distant from a consumption centre for conventional transmission lines to be used for example Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. Means must then be found for both storing the energy and transporting it economically to a load centre.

3. Electrically propelled vehicles, which are expected to come into increasing use, also require some form of energy storage. Since the vehicle must carry its energy supply, the storage system must be readily transportable.

4. Energy storage is also required for ‘Load levelling’ in an electric utility to reduce the overall cost of generating electrical power. More efficient plants may be operated continuously at a rated power level, and the excess power during off-peak period is stored for use when the demand exceeds the base load. Thus, the use of less efficient units to meet the additional demand for power during peak load periods is eliminated.


Energy can be stored in various forms and the storage methods are classified on the basis of the form in which it is stored. Some of the important energy storage methods are the following:

1. Mechanical energy storage

(a) Pumped storage

(b) Compressed air storage

(c) Flywheel storage


2. Chemical energy storage

(a) Batteries storage

(b) Hydrogen storage

(c) Reversible chemical reactions storage

3. Electromagnetic energy storage


4. Electrostatic energy storage

5. Thermal (heat) energy storage

(a) Sensible heat storage

(b) Latent heat storage

6. Biological storage

Source : Mechanical Engineering Blog
URL :https://www.mechanicalengineeringblo...-storage-methods-energy-storage-requirements/
@Kavya Murlidharan • 10 Sep, 2015 Could you please mail me the abstracts of a few topics mentioned above:
  • Solar Powered Path Finding vehicle,Power generation using wind turbine kites,Hydropower Projects,Pedal powered refrigerator
@reyansh • 10 Sep, 2015 I want to do a project on hydropower and i need a abstract on this project, so please help me to find out.
@Ankita Katdare • 10 Sep, 2015
Kavya Murlidharan
Could you please mail me the abstracts of a few topics mentioned above:
  • Solar Powered Path Finding vehicle,Power generation using wind turbine kites,Hydropower Projects,Pedal powered refrigerator
Energy-Efficient Path Planning for Solar-Powered Mobile Robots -

Here's a paper you can refer to:

Power generation using wind turbine kites -

An article on Instructables talks in detail about how to build a kite that can generate electricity.

Another video:

A group of German scientists are studying ways to harness wind energy from high-flying stunt kites. The higher the altitude, the stronger and more reliable wind energy becomes.

Pedal powered refrigerator -

A video demonstration:
@Ankita Katdare • 10 Sep, 2015 • 1 like Hydropower Projects -

Following are the different ideas that come to mind -

Micro-hydroelectric power harnesses toilet flushes and showers

Turn the tides into energy

@reyansh • 13 Sep, 2015 I am doing Btech. in petroleum stream and i'm really want to do a project on hydropower,please suggest me the proper way that how should i start.
@nik syariman • 28 Sep, 2015 may i know the project description on power generation using wind turbine kites
@Ankita Katdare • 28 Sep, 2015
may i know the project description on power generation using wind turbine kites
No ready made abstract or project description is available. It is best to go through the idea presented aka the existing research papers and videos and come up with your own innovative project.
@Anthony Karimi Mwai • 28 Sep, 2015 I am doing my final year project in Mechanical engineering and i am interested in renewable energy sources but i feel stranded
@Bijay Krishna Nandi • 29 Sep, 2015 • 1 like
may i know the project description on power generation using wind turbine kites
I was just trying to imagine the project or trying to have a vision of your project but is it feasible??? Guys please know the difference between "a scientist and an engineer". As an engineer we have the vision within cost optimized value of project. well no doubt its very innovative. think about floating type solar PV cell having a good insolation power in your locality having reservoir or ponds( just for a say).
@somanath patil • 07 Nov, 2015 Mam i want the above projects abstract please send the <email snipped>
@Ankita Katdare • 13 Dec, 2015 @somanath patil We do not provide ready made project abstracts or synopsis. However, we can help you in choosing a topic or solving your difficulties in any idea or concept regarding Renewable energy projects. Feel free to ask questions about that.
@sheikh kunta jatta • 02 Mar, 2016 mam,i am from west Africa a young engineer studying power management have a project to write and i choice renewable energy,the topic is wind turbine and the reason of chosen wind turbine is,i want to study it and build it in my country because my country is using thermal generation buying fuel and parts,the are polluting the atmosphere
@sheikh kunta jatta • 02 Mar, 2016 thanks mam for helping me to choosing the project i should working on,i choice Wind Mill Power Generation System,i need some clue to proceed
@oopi • 05 Jun, 2016 can i get information related to pedal operated generator?
@nicesetya • 05 Jun, 2016 hi excuse me....i just want to share indonesia electrical system....may be someone need for study, or just looking chance to build IPP for example renewable powerplant in indonesia, or technology share... Document describe clearly about indonesia electrical start from power 500 kV...down to 275 150 kV...20kV....distributed to customer....document also explain about development until 2014 for transmision line and powerplant, in every province in indonesia .it's 16 MB size..<link snipped by mod>thanks for time.
@shubham Parekh • 20 Jun, 2016 I am so inspired by the video of Prof. Larc angenent of electricity from waste water... But how much amount of voltage is produced through it???
@Ankita Katdare • 28 Jun, 2016
can i get information related to pedal operated generator?
Many people have already built such machines. See, one such here:

If you google it, you will get many different research papers and websites who have successfully built this project.
@Ankita Katdare • 28 Jun, 2016
sheikh kunta jatta
thanks mam for helping me to choosing the project i should working on,i choice Wind Mill Power Generation System,i need some clue to proceed
This website : Electricity Generation Using Small Wind Turbines at Your Home or Farm can be a great starting point for your project.
@Tushar Patil • 10 Aug, 2016 i am doing b tech in electrical...suggest me some new ideas for be project in renewable energy ...
@Tushar Patil • 10 Aug, 2016 i am in last year in electrical engg, i am willing to project on renewable energy ... suggest me some new ideas in this field please...
@Elisha Elia • 10 Oct, 2016 please send me the abstract of pedal powered refrigerator???
@Sathyavipu • 20 Nov, 2016 Mam is there any journals or research papers about the bio-gas production optimization with thermal cycles ?? And share some ideas to make the prototype design of the bio gas electricity production below US$750!
@Mayur baldha • 02 Jan, 2017 i want renewable energy related projects topics which we can prepare on low budget...want a helping hand..than you
@femi2 • 29 Dec, 2017 @Ankita Katdare please I need you to guide me through a project ( wind turbine) . I have written the project proposal already. Thanks.
@Shubham Kadam • 28 Mar, 2018 I am doin'g my final year project in chemical engineering and i am specifically intrested in hydrogen fuel but as it is dengerous to store hydrogen i am little bit confused to use it or not please give some alternative or at least suggest some solution how to use hydeogen effectively
@Vishal Chavda • 09 Jul, 2018

I am a final year BE Electrical student. I have selected domain for project which is solar. But i don't have any new idea on solar projects. I need some help to find the right topic for a solar project. 

Which can be made under 7000 rs. 

@Ankit Bhattarai • 09 Jul, 2018

I am Mtech Student of Green Energy. I have to do mini project related to energy conversion technology on waste water treatment. If u have any ideas to explore these research and technology please help me.

@Ramani Aswath • 09 Jul, 2018 • 1 like

@Ankita , I feel that these projects should include those for storing solar energy as heat of fusion of inorganic salts alike Sodium Nitrate or mixture of nitrates. These are useful for cooking in individual houses.

@Ankita Katdare • 14 Jul, 2018

@Ramani sir, this research paper can be of use -

Inorganic Salt Hydrate for Thermal Energy Storage -


Salt hydrates are worthy of exploring due to their high-energy storage density, rational price, multiple sources and relatively good thermal conductivity.

This paper reviews the present state of salt hydrates targeting classification, properties, defects, possible solutions as well as their idiographic features which are suitable for applications.

@Ramani Aswath • 14 Jul, 2018 • 1 like

I agree. There are some issues though.

We did some work on this in the early seventies. Dropped as it proved too costly at that time. 

Worth revisiting. The problem is that high temperature solar collection needs some form of concentration, which implies a tracking mechanism to orient the concentrator to the sun as also arrangements to store the molten salts.

@Sanket Raorane • 20 Jul, 2018

I am agricultural engineering student.  I want  project  ideas  about  solar panels. 

@muhammad tariq • 27 Nov, 2018

I am a Mechanical engineering student and we need a mini project of renewable energy resources. please tell me any idea about this subject.

@Kutty Vijay • 10 Jan, 2019

Please tell how to helping the people with the energy projects

@doreen elabonga • 08 Feb, 2019 • 1 like

I'm a technical renewable energy student and would like project ideas regarding geothermal, solar or marine energy technologies.

@Divisha Madupalli • 10 Jan, 2020

Well in solar you can use the solar-powered LED street light, auto irrigation and solar energy-based water purification system and something related to battery chargers.

I don't know much about geothermal energy though but try going through this document :<iframe src=";embedded=true" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" style="border:none;overflow:hidden;width:600px;height:600px;"></iframe> 

@Vinay Mishra • 11 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

@doreen I can help you with ocean/marine energy technology.

You can make a project based on solar+marine energy generation. Let me tell you some facts; More than 70% of the solar radiation reaching Earth falls on the ocean, heating the upper layers of the seas. This thermal energy, combined with wind and the forces of our solar system, causes currents, waves, and tides. Together these forms of thermal and mechanical energy make up a huge energy resource. You can regenerate/transform the forms of energy into others. 

I hope you got some idea!

@Vinay Mishra • 11 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

@muhammad Tariq If you are from mechanical engineering, I have some energy renovation ideas which you can apply as innovation in mechanical projects like BAJA and Efficycle.

@Teja Reddy • 26 Feb, 2020
  1. Automatic Solar Tracker. ...
  2. 4 Smart Energy Projects. ...
  3. Solar & Smart Energy Systems. ...
  4. 5 Arduino Projects. ...
  5. Automated Solar Grass Cutter. ...
  6. Generating Electricity From Sound Waves.

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