• Reliance Jio has announced that with the launch of their 4G services, they will also launch a few more products. Reliance Jio Drive is one of them and it promises to offer about 100 GB free storage to all the subscribers. I think it's a surprise move by the company and while not much information is available about the drive; we may expect it-
    • To work with the Reliance Jio Television
    • Allow users to store online streamed content directly into their drive
    • Play the content back on variety of devices like mobile phones, tablets an of course through the set to box as 'Video On Demand'.
    • Allow users to record music and videos or games directly on the cloud drive and then retrieve it back.
    Is that what the Jio Drive is meant for? Or we can expect some more uses of the device. If anyone among you has visited the IIT campus; please let us know what was Reliance promising?
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