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Regarding Pile Foundation Spacing


I have small confusion with IS 2911 (Part 1/ Section 2). I have attached the screen shot of spacing of pile part which I read in IS 2911. Actually the code says for end bearing pile we need to provide minimum spacing of 2.5 times the diameter of the pile and for frictional pile we should not provide less than 3 times the diameter of the shaft. The consultant designed all the piles as frictional piles ( two different pile diameter ) for the new project but spacing for each pile was 2.5 times the diameter. When I enquired about it, he said it is because N value is greater than 100 so we have taken it as 2.5 times. But in code the spacing of piles is not linked with N value.

When I enquired another consultant, he told me if pile group is combination of end-bearing and frictional then we take 2.5 times. So I'm bit confused. I require clarification in this. So please kindly share your opinions regarding this. Thank you

With Regards

Ajith Karunanithi

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