Reduction of building time for faster development

As regards speed in building, indicative studies of some housing projects of four storeyed construction built by traditional methods have shown that the completion time of housing projects could be reduced by about 40 percent by adoption of large panel prefabricated building methods and about 30 percent by adoption of prefabricated horizontal building components. As an exercise on the basis of the Critical Path Method of programming execution work, the expected time taken for building a large high-rise structure varies much when it is taken up by

• Tradition method
• Partial prefabricated technique
• Full prefabrication is

Therefore, along with the rationalized traditional building methods, the use of prefabricated construction should be considered for increasing the productivity, speed and economy in house construction especially in the busy urban centers, where there is little space left for piling up building construction materials and other equipments.

With respect to the fast appreciation in is taking the lead mainly due to the incorporation of world-class technologies and the application of better building construction methodologies. With the rising demand for built up spaces and the declining supply, the builders always look out for better technologies to offer the best to their esteemed customers.
Thus in almost all building sites in Cochin, work is moving ahead at a faster pace and it now takes just a fraction of the time taken in earlier times to build higher and higher. However, the foundation works even now take up much time and money, because in each location the soil strength is different and thus extra work is needed to put up a solid foundation.


  • sampetes

    Yes in this situation there are built in many buildings and industrial,the faster improvement of the of the building development its fastest groving,in this time,the buildings are build in reduction time and fast development..

    Thank you....


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