Recovery software for mobile?

Hi CEans, I am out here with a big question that whether there is any recovery software or app available for mobile phones( smart phones) in the market.You may include all smartphone OS such as ios,android, bada,windows and bb.I personally feel that there is a great necessity for recovery apps as the deleted files in the phone cannot be retreived directly in phone.I know that there are many softwares for pc which can recover deleted files but I havent heared about a app for phones.I had lost nany important files such as word documents,pictures,etc and longed for it.In todays situation we need a laptop or pc help to recover but we cant expect it to be with us whereever we are.
Please post your suggestions and tell me whether there is any software for recovering?
Also state the best software for recovering files in pc or laptop.


  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    I always backup my OS with CWM_Recovery. It requires rooted Android.

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