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Van Helsing
Van Helsing • May 21, 2008

Recovering know-how from being lost.

Hello Mates... 😎

I've got a great idea...
Well, I wrote a post in "CE Finance" about what's going on Italy about local tech and know-how getting lost 'couse off bankroupcy following bad administration and financial mistakes of perverted administrators.
Allmost everyday somebody is calling me searching for help to overcome the troubles he coused himself taking wrong automation decisions. But I'm not Jesus who revived dead people. Sometimes I made the best I can, but sometimes a good bunch of money is needed as time is.
When there is a good opportunity, why can't we find somewhere in the world an investor and buy a company after the bankroupcy and revive it, here at first and then export the know-how or even the products?
Lets say, a company wich makes spoons (i.e.) get closed after bankroupcy, with little money an investor (we find) from Bangalore, Moonbay or even Easter Island, just somewhere in the world, can buy and recover to production the factory. He can export the manufacts wherever he can using the know how of the old factory and discarding what was the couse of bad administration. Not allways those business are good business, but somentimes they are. Electricall and mechanics engineers are frequently needed as workmanship. Sometimes Chinese buy the whole bunch of machinery, technology, know how, employs Chinese people and restart the factory anew. And... usually... they get succes...
So, why not Indians...😒
(Or Easter Island inhabitants...😁)
Isn that a bummer? 😎

Oh, well I'm not going to tell ya what I smoked today and where to find it. 😁

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 21, 2008
Well, your idea is good and is being implemented by an India-born for his steel factories.

I'm talking about Laxmi Narayan Mittal aka LNM! LNM would buy steel factories that are closed because of bad administration, use his skills & know-how to restart the production.

Well, let's see what other CEans have to say 😀
Van Helsing
Van Helsing • May 26, 2008
Yes, Big_K this is the idea, but rather than huge plants, I'm talking about small to medium artisan factories. Those 3-10 people factories many time hold a real treasure of knowledge and they did'n had grown up becouse of little or no founds or financing from banks and heavy drown of taxes, but mostly becouse of poor sighting of the administration.
Often Italian medium-small factories administrators don't speek other languages than local, and they don't aims to expand on foreign markets. More than often they tend to go on making Chinese like products, trying to be aggressive in market where they are losers before to start.
And after they make a wrong turn everithin is lost after the bankroupcy. Everything is sold as trash, and workers and technicians changes job forgetting about know-how which is definitely lost and sometimes workers too, in a today making shoes-making-machines and tomorrow being gardeners or pizza boys run. This is very sad, isn't it? 😔

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