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jhbalaji • Aug 11, 2009

Recent Trends in Automobile Industry

Can anyone tell me the what are the Hot and Familiar Trend in Automobile Industry..
So that i can take a not on it..
jhbalaji • Aug 13, 2009
Why no reply guys
Latest trend is computer integrated manufacturing
gohm • Aug 18, 2009
Are you looking for new trends in the automobiles or in manufacturing?
nany_mech • Aug 18, 2009
latest trend in automobile:: now automobile electronics is new trend...control the actions of an automobile using electronic circuits and logics...

why electronics?
because to have more accuracy and control over vehicle....

what is the trend till now!
mechanical advancements is the trend till now.....

some of the advances in automobile industry are::
dynamic stability control, traction control, ABS, Power steering, 4 wheel drive,.......etc;
jhbalaji • Aug 28, 2009
You guys i have already got the all latest trends mate like Wireless Tubes, Jet Type Engine, Hydrogen Fuel etc., mate

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