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Real time decision support system for managing ship stability using Anti propeller method

Question asked by kanimozhi41094 in #Coffee Room on Mar 9, 2015
kanimozhi41094 · Mar 9, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : Introduction and Background of project
The ship becomes unstable while sailing, due to cyclones, storm, huge tides. In such a case the principle of, “opposite force attracts each other” is made use of to achieve stability.

The external forces affect the vessel on its sides. Accelerometer measures the tilt of the ship. With reference to the speed and direction measured, the motor creates a force in the opposite direction, in order to maintain the centre of gravity of the ship and hence the oscillation of ship can be reduced.
Project description
The system has a user-friendly interface, and in normal conditions provides the user with two types of information: the stability situation (showing alarms and makes stable when a stability criterion is not met) and weatherliness conditions. If unstability of ship occurs, the system switches to control mode, and advises the crew as to which actions should be taken to gain maximum stability.

A flexible passive anti-propeller that attached to two fixed reservoirs, a set of three connected electric motor is connected to propeller for carrying out experiments. Experiments were conducted in regular tidal waves of small amplitude and in irregular waves.

First step, experiments are conducted in accelerometer values and controlled through FRDM KL25Z.
Second step, experiments are conducted in irregular tilt of ship.
After carrying out experiments and analysis, a view of the effects of the designed anti-propeller on roll motion of the model ship is connected in both the side rolls such a way that ship maintains stability. When the model ship using the anti-propeller, the roll stability of the model ship is increased. It is recognized that the highest effects of anti-rolling on roll motion of the model ship in experiments with both regular waves and irregular waves can be obtained for the model ship

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Lack of stability of the ship may result in the following issues.
 It gives rise to oscillation in the movement.
 It causes the ship to move out of the nautical lane and it will take longer to reach the destination.
 Sometimes the ship goes out of the lane, the will struck into the shallow sea.
 It consumes more fuel.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Easwari Engineering College
City: chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Participating Team From: Third Year Posted in: #Coffee Room

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