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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 7, 2012

Real Life Transformer (Robot)

Stumbled upon following video on the Internet. Has anyone through of creating a similar one for their final year or say hobby project? If yes, please do share it with us. I love robots!

Mr.Don • May 8, 2012
I can say this awesome. 😁
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • May 11, 2012
I would say we are moving one step ahead towards robot world domination. 😎

For now, any real engineer would say -

i want to do that project but pls help me........
Killer_smile • Aug 3, 2012
i think its nice idea but nowadays most of the student doing a robot for thier final projects😕

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