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    Rekognition API brings a cross platform API for Android and iOS for Face Detection, Face Recognition and Scene Identification. In association with POP ( Prototype on paper) it had launched a global contest seeking App prototypes leveraging App Ideas.

    I am proud to announce that Datafly has been selected as finalist in the contest. You can check out the apps and can Rekognition Mobile App Idea Competition the ideas you like.

    You can actually play those prototypes in the mobile widget. A real fun experience. Student's doing their final year projects are especially encouraged to look at the ideas for getting some knowledge about interesting things they can do.

    And lastly, please help us being visible, Rekognition Mobile App Idea Competition

    Your support and help is much appreciated.

    One last thing. Why you should be regular on CE? Because it helps you exploring your knowledge, to get connect with some great professionals and get going in your carrier.
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    MemberDec 27, 2013

    Wow! Congrats and all my best wishes!
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