RCD tripped problem, need for help

Hi, I got a problem and seeking for help, could anyone do me a favor.
The power supply of network data centre is supplied by a UPS. The UPS's output connects to 2 nos. of 800A MCCB individually. And the circuits are protected by:
( Form >> to )
A) 800A MCCB >> 100A MCCB >> ( circuit 1 & 2 )
1) 100A AI switch >> 63A Type C MCB >> 63A AI switch >> 32A RCBO >> Power socket
2) 100A AI switch >> 63A Type B MCB >> Floor box (40A RCCB + Power socket)
B) 800A MCCB >> 100A MCCB >> 100A AI switch >> 63A Type B MCB >> Floor box (40A RCCB + Power socket)

The case is that, a fault occurred at data server that supply by the power socket of circuit A(1). The 32A RCBO was tripped. When I tried to reset the RCBO, it tripped again immediately. At the mean time, an unpredictable scenario was happened. Some RCCB (around 6 nos.) at circuit A(2) and circuit B were tripped at the same time immediately. No MCCB or MCB was tripped, only the the RCCBs were affected. That caused around 7 nos. of servers downed. Finally, a fault equipment at circuit A(1) had been isolated, and all circuits had been reset. My question is that ;
1) Why the other RCCBs at the final circuit of the separated circuits were tripped during I reset aforesaid RCBO?
2) How the fault affect separated circuits?

Circuit diagram is attached for your easy reference.


Could anyone do me a favor to give a hint? Thanks you so much.


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