Ray Ban Glasses To Act As Solar Powered Chargers For Cellphones

Ray Ban Sunglasses will now pass off all levels of cool, because the next time you take them out when the Sun is over head, you can have them charge your cellphone too. Yep, all levels of awesome too. Ray Ban glasses harnessing the power of the Sun - is a concept brought up by Miami Ad School students from San Francisco. By installing solar panels on the arms of the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses now called 'Shama-Shades', Sayalee Kaluskar, an art designer and Ramiro Ramirez. brought these cool babies out in the Sun. Right now, the concept has been actualised to charge an iPhone.

The innovative solar power charging concept involves you to take the arms of your sunglasses out from the front frame. The end of these arms contain a Lightning charger that can then be plugged into your iPhone to charge it. The device is practical in usability and saves you from the dreads of low battery. The solar powered Ray Ban shares are currently just a concept, but we feel that it's time that they materialize and are produced on a mass scale. After all, isn't eco-friendly the new cool?

Tapping the energy on-the-go and putting fashion to good use is a great idea. Here is a video put up by the team behind the concept -

We would like to know your opinions on the Ray Ban solar chargers concept. Speak out in the comments.


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