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venkatkumar • Sep 30, 2008

Range of free band

What is the range of licence-free frequency band upto 1 kilometers?
venkatkumar • Oct 1, 2008
What is the range of license-free band frequencies
upto 1 kilometers?It's very urgent.....
There is NO licence-free band for a received range of 1km.

This is difficult to digest, as all power output constraints talk in terms of ERP which is a function of bandwidth and Frequency.
Besides, the main rule for Licence-free band operations is Low power Short Range devices without external antennae.
All specifications are in "funny" techno-legal language, less understood by lesser mortals. But the end result is the same: There is NO Licence-free band for a range of 1KM.
Meaning, the rules does not allow Free communication beyond 100m.
Buddy,why dont ya try using HAM radio frequency!!!!they are available for free
venkatkumar • Oct 3, 2008
Buddy,why dont ya try using HAM radio frequency!!!!they are available for free

what is HAM radio frequency?
well tat depends on the operator,i will definately let u know the frequency in my area!!!!
Sorry, friend.....HAM (Amateur Radio) frequencies are NOT free.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 3, 2008
No flames, please!

We all are here to share knowledge; everyone's intention is to help each other.

hey docel,why dont ya take permission form the authorities,they provide access to frequencies for experimental purposes and wat more, u can get watever bandwidth u require,u just have to convince them!!!
Have you tried for that permission anytime??
venkatkumar • Oct 9, 2008
Frequency mixer

I want a frequency mixer circuit using op-amp(frequency modulation) to add the two frequencies in the transmission...
venkatkumar • Oct 9, 2008
What is HAM frequency and the range of HAM frequency?
Which band is free for transmission upto 100m?

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