Raj Dutt, CEO, APIC Corp and Photonic Corp Designs Chip For F-35 fighter jet

Mr. Raj Dutt, the CEO of APIC Corp and Photonic is an IIT Kharagpur Alumnus. His company has developed an energy efficient next-generation chip that has impressed the Pentagon.
THe chip is now being tested for usability in the F-35 fighter jets. [F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.]

The significance of the technology is that information transfer on the semiconductor chip as well as between components, will now be done using light — photons — instead of just electrons.

Mr. Dutt's quote:

Photons do not generate heat, thus they do not need to be cooled. For electronics, cooling is one of the largest cost components. Photonic interconnects do not generate heat and use less space than electronic copper interconnects, so more transistors can be put onto a chip. Most significantly, we have figured out how to do this using the same economical process used in manufacturing semiconductor chips today, enabling them to be stamped out by the millions.


  • silverscorpion
    Very interesting.. If cooling of the components is not a problem anymore, of even if it's reduced to a minor problem, it'll vastly improve the performance of chips.

    Also, the fact that manufacturing these photonic components does not require any new technology and the existing technology can be used is indeed wonderful.

    Any link about this? What is the source of this news?
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    @ss: here it is: #-Link-Snipped-#

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