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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Nov 21, 2012

Radiance 2013 IIT Bombay Research & Tech Festival - For Mechanical Engineers

Radiance 2013 is the R&D festival of IIT Bombay's Mechanical Department. Consisting of lectures, competitions, exhibitions and more, this festival was first initiated in 2007 and has been continued to bring bigger challenges for students with every passing year. Students from over 100 colleges participate in its various events and make the workshops and paper presentations a treat to the eye and the brain.

The expected date is March 10th, 2013.

And the events may include - Competitions like:
Enigma - With intriguing analytical questions and ultimate test of your wisdom, Enigma will definitely keep you rooted throughout this hunt.
Race car engineering - F1 car racing has always captured the imagination of budding new generation race car engineers.It gives us immense pleasure to start this series with a session on race car engineering.Ever wondered what engineering parameters affects the performance of a racing car. Want to know? then be a part of this intellectual extravaganza.
Photography competition - Show us how mechanical engineering has changed the world we live in! And we will reward you with amazing prizes. Take part in the Radiance Online Photography contest and show us you can work wonders with a camera.

Workshops like:

Scilab Workshop -
Scilab is an open source alternative for Matlab. With all its features like working with arrays and matrices, function plotting, image processing, signal processing,numerical optimization scilab is quite an important software for engineers of all the disciplines. Now this is your opportunity to improve your skills and potential by learning new software that too with guidance of professionals. Starting with basics and in the proper guidance of professional, there is surety of value addition. With this vision in mind, we are announcing a workshop by professionals on scilab.

And there will be some exhibitions too. If we have some organizers from IIT here, please share with us more details about the same! 👍

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