• Sarathkumar


    MemberOct 3, 2013

    Questions related to TANKS?

    Tanks are the military vehicles which always make me speechless and the automobile engineering behind it make me wondered. Tanks have the best design to be operated both on road and off road terrains. So here are my queries regarding the Tanks:

    1)What is the transmission system used in the tanks?

    2)What will be the material used in the construction of tanks {Because it had been able to resist or withstand missiles and bullets}

    3)Can the tanks be driven in a reverse motion ?(Do they have a a reverse gear? )

    4)How many gears are there totally?

    5)What type of suspension was used in it?
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  • Ramani Aswath

    MemberOct 3, 2013

    This may answer some questions:
    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">Armor Basics | PDF | Tanks | Combat Vehicles</a>
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  • Saandeep Sreerambatla

    MemberOct 3, 2013

    Please search internet and post questions, thats an easier way to find answers.

    Dont ask for free lunches, thats our main agenda. If you have any question, first look for threads. Later check in google. If you find answers share it with us so that we will learn.
    Or else, then post questions that way is always good if you are talking about your field of study.

    If a computer science engineer is asking questions like this, its acceptable because he might not understand whats written in google so that people here can help them. But you being into core have to do sufficient research post questions and encourage the discussions.
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