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Hello, I am a student who has been tasked with asking questions of an electronic engineering professional. My intent is not to annoy. I live in a far off place and I have had trouble getting in touch with someone. I do plan to move when it is possible as I will need to, but I have this task to complete now, so if anyone would, please answer these questions. I have tried calls, and other means, but it is hard to get somebody to answer questions like this, and I understand why. Some general and short answers would work fine, but I understand if some don't like this type of stuff. Thanks for reading my message.

What do you like best about your position as an engineer?
What kind of impact has this position had on your lifestyle?
What advice would you give to someone just entering this career track?
What kinds of tasks do you complete during a typical day or week?
What types of advancement opportunities are available for entry-level candidates in this career track?
What is the corporate culture of the company you work for?
Does the company promote or encourage continuing education?
What types of training programs does the company offer?
What are some of the goals of the company for the next few years?
What kinds of challenges is the industry currently facing?
Who are some of the major and minor competitors in the industry?
Are there any likely changes that may affect the industry in the next few years?


    I thought of answering this thread, but after i started felt it annoying.
    Why are you bothered abt others. You get to know everything when it gets started. Wait till then.
    Some of the questions are basic, that you get answered yourself in some time.
  • Zvbs3r0
    Umm. I am not bothered about others, nor am I sure of what you meant by that statement. My statements reflect my desire to avoid annoying others. That's all.

    The point of this exercise is to network and find out about the industry for which I am training. Some of the questions are relevant to a person looking to enter the field of electronic or electric engineering. Wouldn't you want to find out whether or not a company provided training programs before applying to said company? It's the difference between paying for training or not. You need to learn about advancements in your field, do you not? I have actually met a person who didn't keep up and is now working at Macy's. In the shoe department, baby. I like to know as much as possible before I get started, so I can do what is best for me.

    Anyway, it's just a school exercise bub. I did well without answers from anyone to these questions because I am clever. I tried to get the questions answered as asked because there is something to be learned from the exercise, now I am having a conversation with you and I have been led to this site.
    well, i dont mean that all your questions were like that. They were actually good, but sometimes... you wont get answers for them. There was nothing wrong in your questions.

    I guess i was in a bad mood when i reacted that time.

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