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@sajithk • 02 Mar, 2013 • 1 like
centrifugal pumps cannot handle air and require priming.but you are aware that centrifugal blower which on the same principal can handle air very well. which two properties of air are responsible because of which the centrifugal pumps cannot handle air:- which will be more appropriate answer/s
a. fluidity only
b. density only
c. both fluidity and density
d. compressibility
@zaveri • 02 Mar, 2013 mostly it is due to density and fluidity.

when priming is done, the air content is removed completely, and there is only flow of water.
@Ramani Aswath • 03 Mar, 2013 Centrifugal pump can handle air. All that a centrifugal pump does is to impart a velocity to the fluid and convert that velocity head into a pressure head. What happens is that the velocity imparted is related to the design of the impeller and the speed of rotation. The implication is that the pressure head in height of fluid is almost same for all fluids. A pump developing a head of 10 meters water will also produce 10 meters of air head, which is a negligible pressure as the density of air is 1/750th of water density.

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