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pparasar • Oct 10, 2008

Question related to integrated circuit

collector contact being at the top increases the collector current path thereby increasing the collector series resistance and hence Vce(sat) of the device.
how can be?what does it mean,i am not getting it 😕...please tell me the answer anyone.
melaku181 • Nov 22, 2008
Re: question from integrated circuit

hello guys,
i'm melaku fekadu.
i looking for a new mechanism(never raised before)of converting any form of energy into electrical energy.
besides i need to work my graduating project.
i appriciate any body going to contact(help) me in doing these tasks.
please contact me at
tats quite ambitious,tat can be a great reaserch project as for your collge project you can embedd certain generators to produce a multipurpose generator...i have seen one generator which produce electricity form 3 different energy sources!!!!

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