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Question about UPS and regulators

Question asked by JoeJoe in #Coffee Room on Aug 18, 2010
JoeJoe · Aug 18, 2010
Hello everybody,
I have a UPS connected to my PC with this specs (INPUT 162-290VAC 50-60hz OUT:220VAC+-%10 50-60+-%1 transfer time 2-6ms battery 12V/7AH * 1)
yet this seems very ineffective against pikes, when somebody in the apartment opens a air conditioner I loose a perfectly fine connection, and this abuse keeps going. I lose my connections every 2minutes. Since I learn my earn my living over SSH connections this is a real abuse for me, I been working almost 7hours just to setup and server, than I lost that deal...)

It seem my UPS isn't able to handle the load good enough. If I buy a real regulator, connect it to the UPS will this help? Or I was thinking about, since the modem is only part that is effected and I took few electrical eng lessons back in college, I wonder if I could build a mini 12v regulator for my modem? or I'm better of buying a real one?

Only regulator I could efford is a combi boiler regulator 160-250 VAC, delay time selection(why does it have such an option?isn't the minimum is better by default?) Posted in: #Coffee Room
bill190 · Aug 18, 2010
Rank D1 - MASTER
UPS's just pass through the electricity unless power goes out.....

Except UPS's which are called an "Online UPS", which always make their own electricity.

And those which "make" the best electricity are called "True Sine UPS".

So search for online true sine UPS like these mostly for the U.S. (120/240 volts 60 cycles)...
online true sine UPS - Google Product Search

Google UK search...
online true sine UPS - Google Product Search

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