Question about cable properties

I am a medical technologist not an engineer.

I work in a sleep lab. The sleep recording equipment is comprised of an EEG headbox which digitizes the signals and sends them to an amplifier control box which then transforms the signals to travel over ethernet. The headbox is powered by the amplifier control box.

The manufacturer of the equipment states the cable between the headbox and the amplifier control box has a limit of 25 feet. I have a need to extend the length of the cable to 75 to 100 feet.

I took the headbox apart and the connector on both ends of the cable is a D-sub HD26. Each conductor is 26AWG. Only 16 [1-16] of the pins are being used. I placed my ohmmeter on the cable and its resistance is 1.3ohms with a length of 25 feet. I am worried about lengthening the cable. As I understand it, the resistance of this cable every 25 feet is 1.3 ohms.

So. What can you suggest? I've been studying this all day and need some good advice.

Would a 75 to 100 foot 24AWG conductor cable be sufficient to replicate the specs of the 25 foot 26AWG conductor cable or do I need to use a 75 to 100 foot 20AWG cable? I just do not want the equipment to encounter any problems by increasing the cable length.




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