Query about Electromagnet

iam tryin to make an electromagnet that operates under 12 volt dc😀
.i want to know how many turns of copper wire i should wound over an iron piece (eg. iron nail) so that it would be able to lift a finger- size bolt &nut😎.i use the copper wire taken from a ordinary 6 volts motor coil.
members am awaiting for your responses..😒 .


  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    Iron nails come in all sorts of sizes. Better use a large dia (>4 mm) and about 80 to 100 mm long one. Use a length that will give a resistance of 9 to 15 ohms. You may need about 40 meters length of 0.25 mm dia copper wire. This will give ample magnetic pull.
  • HRG
    Thank you sir

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