Quantum Computing Extended Beyond Pure Electronics

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is evolving; at least if the recent research is taken into account. Scientists are applying the principles of quantum computing and trying to see if they work effectively even outside core electronics and related fields. This time researchers at University of Pittsburgh have focused their mind towards only one thing, “How to measure magnetic field?”


The issue might look trivial and people may suggest some laws which are used to measure the magnetic effects in normal course. However, the real picture is not so simple! Gurudev Dutt, who works as an assistant professor at the Pitt’s department of Physics and Astronomy has advanced the human thinking for measuring the magnetic field using resonance that too of individual electrons in a diamond crystal. The research by him and his colleagues- Ummal Momeen and Naufer Nusran aims to develop precision instrument to measure properties of nanoparticles. Momeen is a post Doctoral researcher and Nusran is a PhD students. The trio is hence working on expanding the horizon of quantum computing.

Resonance-which is a property on account of oscillation of particles with energy at a particular frequency, is vital in the search of such instruments. Dutt zeroed in on the Resonance phenomenon as it can be utilized in making sensitive measurements of minute quantities. Despite the fact that we are able to do a higher degree of sensitive calculations, the very principle creates a roadblock when it comes to accuracy. Either way, the team has done significant research by being able to detect magnetic field 10 times weaker and accurate by same amount than which we are seeing today.

The research by the Pittsburgh scientists is a primitive one, but will be typically useful when it will come to studying material and molecules without destroying the samples. The MRI instrument which will result after further efforts in this regard will definitely check the difficulties faced by today’s hardware for precision instruments as stated earlier.


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