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Qatar To Get Artificial Clouds For 2022 Football WC

Question asked by andyKane in #ML & AI on Mar 25, 2011
andyKane · Mar 25, 2011
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There was too much of a criticism when in December 2010, Qatar was awarded with the hosting of the 2022 football WC by FIFA. It is set to become the first Arab country and the smallest ever to host the world cup. The United States was awfully stunned being one of the bidders.  FIFA found itself in criticism too when it awarded the hosting to a country heavily criticized for human rights violation,  terrorism and the blistering heat with temperature reaching 120F (50C). The tournament is scheduled in the summer months of 2022.


However, the scientists at the University of Qatar think that they have a solution for one of the above mentioned problems. They have come up with an artificial robotic cloud concept. It is still in its developing stage and is being developed by Saud Abdul Ghani, head of the mechanical and industrial engineering department at Qatar University, and his team.

They plan to kind of “air condition” the world cup stadia with the help of solar power and now have developed these clouds which are produced at the cost of about $500,000 (about £310,000) each. These clouds are made up of lightweight carbon structure and have a giant envelope of material containing helium gas.

It is moved on the top of the stadium by four solar-powered engines using remote control. Qatari president of the Asian Football Confederation Mohammed Bin Hammam, who will stand against Blatter for the FIFA presidency in June, has said his country is "well equipped to challenge the summer heat" as per BBC reports.

Though Qatar is taking enough measures to protect the players and the spectators from the scorching summer heat, the global players' football union FIFPro still backs the idea of switching the games to winter saying that the Gulf country does not provide suitable conditions for the game of football.

The artificial cloud will be flown over the Lusail Iconic Stadium which will provide a shade to about 86,000 spectators. Architects Foster and Partners are designing this stadium and are already planning to use the abundance of sunlight in the country for giving power to the stadium.

Qatar will surely leave no stone unturned to shut the critics after it won the bid against the technically sound and developed countries like Australia, Japan, South Korea and the United States. They have already started working to ensure the WC 2022 becomes a success. Although I think that this cloud concept is merely to draw attention. Can’t they build dome stadiums with retractable roofs? Anyway, the cloud thing looks very impressive. We need to wait for 11 more years to experience it! Posted in: #ML & AI

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