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eternalthinker • Nov 9, 2011

Python script to detect new CE grand quiz question

While waiting for today's CE grand quiz question - reloading, and reloading - I wrote a python script to automate the process 😉

Here is it:

[COLOR=#808080]#!/usr/bin/env python
# Check for new CE Grand Quiz question
# Author: Rahul Anand  | Homepage:[/COLOR]

import urllib2, urllib, re, time, os

qnum = raw_input("Enter the upcoming question's number: ")

        if"""Grand Quiz Question #"""+qnum, urllib2.urlopen('').read())!= None:               
Run the code, enter the question number you are waiting for, and when the question appears, the script performs an alerting action.

Note the parts in green:
* The second one is the number of seconds between subsequent checks for the CE page
* The first one is a system command which you can use to perform an alerting action
(Here I gave the command to run my Xion music player, which will start playing the song the moment it opens. Works as a pretty good alert!)
Change it with your own values
silverscorpion • Nov 9, 2011
Wow!! Fantastic!

Thanks 😀

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