Puzzling Night

Well the nocturnal in me has stayed awake till 6:04 am today. Was crazy about trying to make some changes to my some what existing blot of thoughts on the internet. The fact that I've lost touch with the necessary ideals of writing makes me feel horrible. I want to write, have so many ideas all bubbling within me waiting to explode; but I just cannot write it easily. The craziness keeps building now and then and tonight I've given it a boost. Well time to pass out now. Cheerio!

P.S.: Is this my blog or CE??? 😕. I did not sleep yet??


  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    I didn't sleep in fact! Completed 24 hours sleeplessness from 4:30pm yesterday evening to 4:30pm today evening. I'm not feeling sleepy at all, and am all hyped up and crazy about the blog. Looks like I'm getting back to the old self again. Got a whole day for editing the website. Was glad to learn about 'unique visitors' over 'blog hits'. Hmmm, must study something for the models tomorrow!!

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