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Jay and Ajay are fellow artists who use coded messages to communicate to each other. Recently Ajay was put in a jail for stealing an exceptional and expensive diamond the 'Pink Panther'. Only a few days after this, Jay sent him a letter asking him how he was. On the inside of the letter, he hid a code. Yesterday, Ajay escaped and left the letter inside the jail. The police did some research in this case and found the code on the inside of the letter, but they haven't been able to crack it as yet. you help the police in finding out what the message was?

This is the code:

Source : A friend of mine asked the question .
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 4, 2009
ll watch awtfe clock lnisk dial cirbe timer sool

loos ebric ksinl eftwa ll

Here -> Watch clock dial timer; loose bricks in left wall.

Good Enough?
wow biggie answered it very fast 😁😁

But needed some clarification Watch clock dial timer what does this mean i dont think this has some compelte sense .

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