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    How many times have you had a cool idea that never saw the light? Or that amazing conversation you had with your best friends which resulted to nothing? It can be that amazing facebook application to solve all the problems of your single friends, or that Iphone game that will rock the world, or an android application, or that robot which will help elderly people remember their pill times. Whatever it is, this is a time to build it and ride the wave with the support of the entire startup community. Surprised?
    Well, we hear ya! We call this Shotgun Startup and its your way to huddle together for 48 hours and work on something which will change the world.

    Who Can Participate:

    1. You are a college student, with this whacky, neato idea and you have the confidence and talent to build it?
    2. You are a team in a corporate's internal incubation program, and just need a platform to launch your idea.
    3. You are working for a corporate and want to "experience" the feeling of entrepreneurship
    4. You are a corporate and want to show off the engineering capabilities of your workforce. In which case you can send in a corporate team.
    5. You are a very smart entrepreneur who has the charm and capability to build a product and launch it at and sway the audience to your will, and get them marketing your product.

    How do YOU participate you ask?

    Step1 : Get those scribble books out and start going through all those ideas. Once you have decided on the idea you want to implement go here and submit it. This is where the fun begins, The ShotGun Team will go through all your proposals and pick 20 ideas which have the most potential - In other words, that which sounds uber cool and useful.

    Step 2: Now that your idea is shortlisted, you need to put together a team which helps you realize this idea. All shortlisted projects can publish list of open roles and participants can apply to be part of this team. You get to pick the ones you like! Use your blogs, twitters, facebooks to find these people and get them as part of the team.

    Step 3: Its 22nd January evening and there are 20 teams eager to make it happen. We have experts on various platforms like Android, Iphone, PHP, ROR etc, Just in case you need some expert advice. This is where we give you plenty of wifi, coffee (maybe food) and get out of your way. For the next 48 hours its you, your team and your product. Make it happen, and breathe life into your idea.

    The attendees will start voting for your ideas on the 24th, The top 5 teams will then move to Innovation Jam where they get 5 minutes to present the idea and then the audience can suggest enhancements to the product so it can move towards being a full fledged product.

    As the adage goes "Let the Startups win", sharpen your pencils now! and for more information head to #-Link-Snipped-# Now!

    PS: Have you registered for the event yet? if not, head to #-Link-Snipped-# January edition is in the dates of January 23, 24 2009 in the Nimhan's Convention Centre in Bangalore.
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