• srchaitanya2008


    MemberJul 21, 2011

    Projects using DSP processor

    Hello CEs,
    I want to do a project using TMSC6713 DSP processor kit as my final year project.Hence i request all CEs to give ideas regarding the projects which can be done using the above DSP processor.
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  • Adivy

    MemberJul 28, 2011

    You should first start with understanding this processor architecture and what all things are present in your kit,according to which you may decide which application is it best suited for and which one appeals you as the application that can be made ur final year project.There are many applications of a dsp processor,it depends on which you prefer and which is best performed by your processor.So i would suggest you to go through the data sheets of the processor first and decide what you want.
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  • Sagar07

    MemberSep 5, 2011

    famous application of dsp is voice recognition....
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  • Madhu_H

    MemberFeb 27, 2012

    I believe this kit is usually used in speech signal processing since the sampling frequency range is about 6-8KHz.But if you want to be innovative try processing of ECG signal which requires to be sampled at a much lower might need to design re-sampling unit though.
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