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summers • Dec 10, 2008

projects on engineering

guys can anyone of you could give me some ideas regarding any engineering projects and since i am from ece branch i want some ideas on only (electonics or communication ).Anything will be appreciated any sites or ebooks .And thanks in advance.
and plss provide me with a bit crazy ideas
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Dec 11, 2008
there are too many PRojects dear in which field you want to go

embedded system
power electronics

just be clear then i will sure help you out man.
summers • Dec 11, 2008
well to say i leaned vhdl to some extent ,vlsi presently studying , embedded system yet to learn and power electronics does not come in my course so if u can plsss provide me some info regarding communication or on basic electronics send ur power elecrtronics ideas as well i will look to it too and thanks for the rep and it will be better if u could hurry i hv to submit my abstract before 16th .

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