Project Viva Tips and Tricks

Viva is very much different from other Subjects viva because in this
you have to represent yourself as a team and have to show a group work.
And it requires both hard work and smart work. You will also need some
deceiving tricks to score. So please follow these strategies to score
well in the viva:

  • First of all you are not an individual. So always keep in mind that you are now a member of a team.
  • Before
    the date of viva, assign each member a specific part of project.
    Because one can’t make a full project. So each member should take a
    module in which he is comfortable. For ex. One can take database and
    other can take coding, or designing.
  • Now
    study your part thoroughly. You should also have an overview of full
    project and other members modules but don’t worry about there details.
    Just stick to your part only.
  • When
    you are asked about a section that you have not studied but other
    member has than just don’t pass the question. First tell them the little
    overview that you know and then tell them that detail work on this is
    done by my friend.
  • Most
    important thing don’t try to be over smart even if you have made full
    project alone. Don’t give all answers on your own. Give chance to others
    also, otherwise you will have a negative effect.
  • Don’t jump in between others answer if he is giving one.
  • Don’t contradict your friends answer.
  • If
    you are sensing that your friend is having problem in some answer than
    back him up but smartly so that external doesn’t get a sense that your
    friend doesn’t know the answer.
An here is some deceiving tricks or you can say Cheats:
  • Remember
    smart work is needed there. Always keep in mind that external doesn’t
    know what you have done and what you used. So whatever you tell him he
    will ask that only. So if you get stuck somewhere, try to give false
    answer but related to project. And give it so confidentially that
    external believes you.
  • And
    another secret is that external is generally from other subject and
    doesn’t have the full knowledge on the project’s subject. So when you
    feel in trouble just answer on any topic related to project like “we
    have used this and that and It works like this and that”…you got it.
    Whatever you think do….change the name of functions or some
    concepts…just try to cover that up.
all these points are important but before this all members should do
some meetings so as to make them comfortable with each other and also to
make strategies of you group. Discuss thoroughly in meetings on pros
and cons of each member and try to cover them and come up with good


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